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About Us

Here in a unique little setting in Coshocton County, Ohio, on 7.5 acres roam our golden retrievers, with plenty of shade, trees, and open meadows.

Here at Pleasant Valley Retrievers, Edwin at a very young age had a love for dogs, in 2004 he bought his first Jack Russel Terrier, raided Terriers for 10 years, and in 2013 Edwin bought his first Golden. His love for Goldens grew and since switched to all Golden Retrievers loving their loyalty and adorable pedigree.

Edwin always has had a passion to do things the right way, making sure his dogs are AKC registered, background checked, and with no hip or joint history. Every day our dogs are fed health and nutrition supplements making sure our Retrievers are in the best health possible.

Pleasant Valley Retrievers is a family-owned kennel with children that love and adore puppies. The Yoder family all together enjoys dogs, not only are they pets but they are a part of our family, and bring much joy to our lives.

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