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Hi just wanted to give you an update about Coco! :)

She is the best puppy I have ever had! She goes potty outside, doesn't mind a crate, gives me her paw(I didn't teach her) and she doesn't jump on people when she meets them! She's not like a puppy at all! She doesn't chew furniture or anything and if she is doing something she shouldn't I tell her no and she listens! She is an amazing puppy dog! I'm so lucky to have her! My other dogs love her as well, always checking to see if she's ok, walking around with her playing with her :) I just wanted to say thank you again! She's awesome!


Hello! I hope you and your family are well! We just wanted to tell you that we are so thankful for this beautiful, little girl that you've blessed us with! She is doing so well! Everyone loves her so much! She is so well behaved! No one believes how young she is because she is so good! We cannot thank you enough!!!

Past Puppies

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